Woody the Wandering Piggy

This Bank Holiday Monday we received a call to see if we could catch and fetch a wandering pig. Our initial reaction was that we couldn’t help, it was pouring with rain, we had only just come in the house soaking wet for the second time that morning and we really do not have room for any more pigs! After a few seconds of contemplative thought we rang back the caller, changed into some drier clothes, emptied a stable, made some adjustments to the trailer and were on our way to help. There simply aren’t any other rescues that take in pigs and the larger organisations had already said they could not help.  The authorities that govern the movement of pigs were all on holiday but unfortunately we have no such luxuries!  The pig was wandering around the streets of Mansfield Woodhouse, the Police had managed to corner him into a car park, when we arrived he was fast asleep and unaware of the drama he’d caused.

Fortunately we had plenty of pig food and peaches to persuade our little friend into the back of our trailer, so we could bring him back to the sanctuary.

Woody as he was affectionately named at the scene of his crime, is now happy in one of our stables, he will need to be kept there until treated for lice and if we don’t find his owner then it will not be long before we have him castrated.

It is likely that he is an unwanted pet, turfed out because he had got too big, we have only rehomed 2 pigs this year and turned away hundreds.




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