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Fox Cub – Update

Spring time is very busy for us with many baby animals and birds coming in.  It is very time consuming and hard work not to mention sometimes heartbreaking to hand rear small animals.

This young man was rescued by Broxtowe Dog Warden, a member of the public called thinking he was a puppy.

We hand reared him on a puppy milk substitute and a small amount of puppy food, we have reared him without getting him too imprinted, as our aim is to always release wild animals back into the wild where they belong.

This photo was taken on 7 April when he first came to us.

This is the little mite as of 18 April, as you can now see he is looking more and more like a fox, and gosh his sharp teeth remind us that he is no pet, he is a wild animal.

We have now moved him onto a dedicated fox rescue charity in Oxford, who had another orphan cub in of the same age. This little guy is less likely to become imprinted if being hand reared with others.  He will undergo a soft release in the Autumn.



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