Appeal – Can you help Wilbur ?

Although Wilbur is only middle aged, around 6, he is very arthritic and cannot be kept outdoors over winter any longer, we need to get him indoors.

Wilbur came to us with his brother and sister as rescued piglets, being factory farmed pigs bred for their meat, they grow unnaturally large, this puts a lot of pressure on their joints and body.

During the spring and summer, Wilbur has quality of life and moves around with three other large pigs, now thou his arthritis is so bad, he needs to be in the warmth over winter.

This is where we need your help. We have a large stable he can live in, to come out when its warm, but we need to convert it. We aim to build a block inner building, which will be insulated and heated.

You can help us, help Wilbur by;

Please email or call us, we desperately need to help Wilbur.



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