Oliver, Oscar and Olive go to their new home

On Saturday we re-homed Oliver, Oscar and Olive to a great new home in Northampton.

Oliver and Oscar were rescued last year, along with their two brothers who were homed in 2011. They all came from a breeder that threaten to destroy these unsold piglets. Olive came to us two months ago from people who could no longer keep her.

These guys have fortunately found a home where they will be cared for, for the rest of their natural life, where they have loads of ground to dig up for tasty morsels and space to run around, explore and play. Pigs are highly intelligent, clean and sociable animals, they make fantastic pets, as long as their needs are catered for.

Its not very often that we find homes for pigs, far too often its people calling us to take them on. This year we have only re-homed these 3, yet had to turn away over 50. We can only possibly take on more as we get the space, so we were so happy to find the perfect home and great new owners for this family of piggies.



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