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Rehabilitating Owls

On Friday night, after dropping off the pony gorgeous George to his new home we got back thinking we might be able to go and catch some abandoned goats in Gunthorpe……………no chance!!!

We got back to find a couple with a very poorly tawny owl on our doorstep.


This little guy was found in the churchyard and it was thought that he had been hit by a car.

Fortunately Christoff at Vets4Pets Somercotes in Somercotes agreed to check him over and X Ray him first thing the following morning.

It was confirmed that the owl had pneumonia and had become ‘grounded’ so we needed to treat with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories urgently.

Although still subdued our Tawny is doing okay and eating on his own okay. It will be some time before release.

The charity is currently rehabilitating 3 owls. 1 is ready for release this week but the other 2 will need many weeks of rehab before release. We are fortunate enough to have plenty of space and owls get soft released from here so that movement doesn’t cause more upset.

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