4 Little Piggies Don’t go to Market!

Micro-pigs were all the rage a year or so ago, now the novelty has worn off, people have realised that these intelligent, clean, highly sociable animals need love and attention and if not given that attention, can soon become destructive, not to mention grow much larger than the cute adverts imply. Consequently interest in their long-term welfare is being tossed aside as quickly as the fad came.

Micro-pigs are not a recognised breed, in fact many people have been miss sold these animals, thinking that they will remain small. These so called “Tea Cup Pigs” often grow into a pig larger than the average Labrador, but many times more powerful.

The reality is that, these inter-bred animals often do grow large, even the smallest pigs if not looked after correctly, by keeping them in social groups and providing them with stimulation, can very quickly destroy your home and garden and even become nasty through frustration and boredom.

In the past week alone, we have been asked to take on 15 pigs, some of which are the so called micro-pigs. We cannot possiblyrescue them all, but these are 4 boys we have managed to rescue.

If you can offer a life-long loving home for a pair of pigs, please let us know, we are aware of several of these beautiful animals that will be euthanised if we cannot find them homes.

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