Pony Rescue

In the past few days we got contacted to take in some ponies whose owner had been prosecuted. The owner had over 60 ponies, some pregnant mares, stallions and foals. Yesterday 22 were rescued and we have taken in 2 very young colts.

The situation with unwanted ponies, fly grazing and unnecessary breeding in the equine population is just absolutely ridiculous and worse than ever. It makes our blood boil at how many ponies are being bred, neglected and then their only chance is a rescue centre accommodating them. 2 is just a drop in the ocean and the problem is enormous.

Over the next few weeks we will be working with these ponies, worming them and getting them gelded so that we can rehome them. We currently have 11 ponies out on loan and have 10 now at our rescue. Some of our first Dartmoor ponies that are out on loan are now being ridden or have made lovely companion ponies.

We have already spent £250 in transportation costs. £150 per pony will be needed to geld them and also we have the cost of wormers, straw, hay and feed to factor in. If you want to help towards any of these costs then you can do so in a number of ways. Why not consider a standing order?http://brinsleyanimalrescue.org/financial-support/ Quite a few people are now making a regular monthly contribution and I cannot tell you how helpful this is as it means that we can cover many of our monthly fixed costs. What’s £3 per month (cost of a pint!!)

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