Blind Fox Cub

This poor girl was found wandering around in a car park with no sign of mum, so she was was brought to us.

She is around 12 weeks old and is unfortunately blind in both eyes, she also has signs of having been attacked. She has a torn ear and a couple of infected wounds. She is doing fine, she is eating well and running around like a playful fox cub should do. We have cleaned her up and put her on antibiotics.

This little girl though will never be able to be released into the wild, she would not survive. We are hoping that she will be cared for by a specialist fox rescue centre, where she will live with other fox cubs, that are also unable to be released. We only keep wild animals in captivity as a last resort and only if they have quality of life and as natural as possible, full of stimulation and enrichment.

We don’t normally handle wild animals, we need to prevent them from becoming imprinted, however as this fox cub cannot be released, she needs to be fairly tame.


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