R.I.P. Shaunie and Kiwi

The past couple of weeks has been so hard for us all at Brinsley, we have lost two of our beautiful friends.

Shaunie the sheep came from a farm when all of his siblings went of to be slaughtered. Shaunie though was special, he had a deformed rear leg, in fact only half a leg and despite this, he could certainly run and was no easier to catch that the other sheep. Due to his deformity, he could not be slaughtered for food and he was thankfully handed over to the charity, effectively his deformity saved his life.

Shaunie has been with us for nine years and whilst we are very sad to lose him, we have to be grateful that he had such a full and long life, many years more than farmed sheep.

Kiwi, an elderly pig came to us 14 months ago, she was such an amazing sole, she would always come out to greet us whenever we passed her enclosure, she loved fuss and had an amazing ability to show you that she was so content with life. This week Kiwi fell ill and despite treatment, she passed away suddenly. We really miss our beautiful friend.

It’s never easy running a rescue and even though we face death far too often, it never gets any easier.

Rest in Peace Kiwi and Shaunie, we miss you so much.

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