Rescued, Four Dumped Rabbits

This week we have taken in eleven rabbits, in the same period of time, one has been offered a home.

Of the eleven bunnies, sadly four were found dumped in woods in Derby by a dog walker. We are completely full, but had to work creatively to find them space. There are three females and an uncastrated male, so it very possible the four will become over twenty!

We are a responsible rescue, all of our bunnies are neutered and fully vaccinated before we carry out a home check for their new home. This means we have to raise well over a £1,100 for these bunnies, if their pregnant this could be over £2,500.

Rescue centres are bursting at the seems yet people still breed pets, buy babies from pets shops and breeders. Sadly when irresponsible owners get bored or change their mind and find out the rescue is full, they dump their pets. Domestic rabbits would not last five minutes in the wild. These four are very, very lucky.

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