Swan Rescue

Another accident caused by the sheer carelessness of fishing! If not outlawed then perhaps the license fee of this ‘hobby’ should go towards the veterinary costs of wildlife casualties we regularly see!!This swan had this 3 pronged hook deeply embedded into the muscle of her wing. There was no way we could safely remove it without ripping her muscle. So we ended up rushing her to the vets. Thank you so much Eastwood Vets4Pets for your professional and prompt respace yet again. This beautiful swan not only had the hook embedded into her but had also wedged herself between a canal barge and the mooring and caused even more injuries to herself. Thanks to a major team effort from our volunteers today and our vet Eastwood Vets4Pets dropping everything to help us we have been able to now start the process of helping this lady back to full health. She’s now on a drip, antibiotics and pain relief as well as needing twice daily dressings in the injuries she has sustained due to this careless pursuit.

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