Piggies Rehomed

Our piggies Emily and Freddie have been rehomed, they went to their new pad yesterday. Both pigs were given up by their previous owners.

Emily and Freddie came in separately and were both naughty pigs in their own way. Freddie could be aggressive to other pigs and humans, although Emily is small, she too was a handful when she arrived and attacked a few volunteers.

As with all animals and humans, behavior is often a result of their upbringing. Although highly sociable animals that have complex communications and interactions, both were kept as solitary pigs and from a young age, no doubt taken from their mums by the breeders far too young, well before life skills were taught.

We have put them in a pack, as they would naturally and rewarded good behaviour and not tolerated bad. By working hard with them, both pigs have turned into lovely, well behaved and loving pets.

Emily in particular is well loved and will be very much missed by our volunteers, she lived in the stable yard and so was never too far away from getting a fuss off us.

We’ll miss them, but their space will soon be filled. This year so far we have rehomed 6 and had to say no to 21.

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