150 rescue battery hens need homes!

This weekend we took on 150 rescued ex-battery chickens, so we are now looking for loving homes for these hens. Whether you can take 2 or 20, a novice or an expert in hen keeping we’d love to hear from you.

We can offer advice on hen housing, feed, health issues and everything chicken related.  Chicken keeping is becoming increasingly popular and we have so many lovely E-mails from people who have taken on some of our rescue hens.  Why not consider giving a hen a happy retirement?

Battery hens live an awful, short and squalid life, when they come to us they have none of their natural behaviours, but with time the hens slowly recover. Each year 10’s off millions of hens are killed at only 14 months old so that the egg industry can maximise egg production.

We save as many as we can and find them loving new homes where they will be given a new lease of life and cared for, for the rest of their natural life.

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