2008 A Successful First Year for Brinsley Animal Rescue

2008 was a very important year for us, firstly Brinsley Animal Rescues was formed but it was also a year in which we had to fight red tape, to allow us to continue with our animal rescue, when we were forced to apply for planning permission. Fortunately it was eventully granted.

Over the year we have looked after between 100 and 200 animals at any onetime.

Animal Successes of 2008

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bunsWe have rescued and rehomed over a hundred small animals including 71 Rabbits and many rats, mice,  gerbils and guinea pigs. These  are now in loving homes.

pheasant1We have rescued over 50 wild birds including injured birds with broken wings and legs and have hand reared many baby chicks. We always aim to  release them back into the wild.

This young female pheasant had been shot, the bullet had gone completely through one leg breaking it, the bullet then penetrated the other leg. We splinted her broken leg and treated the other. She was later released back into the wild, miles from people who shoot for so called sport!

DSC_5964.jpgWe received a phone call about this little chap that had fallen out of his nest, we were told that it looked like a Dodo?!

It is in fact a pigeon, he was hand reared along with many other baby birds this year and released into the wild, after spending time in our new aviary.

hoglet1This is a baby hedgehog being hand reared. We are currently looking after three hedgehogs that are too small to hibernate, we will release them in the Spring.

300 girls are now in new loving homes and see natural light, something they previously never saw.

We have rescued and rehomed 300 ex-battery hens who, after their short lives confined to an area no larger than an A4 piece of paper, were destined for slaughter, to become pet food. Their only crime being that their egg production had fallen and they had become less profitable.


We rescued 8 pigs during the year, 3 that were destined for the meat trade and 5 unwanted pets.

This is Wally, he came to us at about 20 Kilo’s, he is now 160 kilos and still growing!

His mother Matilda was rescued by an animal sanctuary in Liverpool where she gave birth to 5 piglets, we took on Wilber, Wally, and Wendy. Like all pigs they are very affectionate, intelligent, clean and pine for your attention. Entertaining them whilst cleaning out their field each week is a military operation, all they want to do is play and be fussed!

goats1goats14We have rescued 8 goats. Betty and Belinda, two Pigmy goats spent 8 years at a garden centre before their owners decided to euthanase them. Fortunately they were rescued and we took them on. Unfortunately Belinda suffered a fatal heart attack in the summer. She was very obese probably from being constantly fed by visitors to the garden centre.

We also rescued 6 one week old baby goats and hand reared them. Goats like all mammals have to bear young each year to produce milk. The waste by-product of the milk industry is therefore lots of babies that no one wants.

We have rehomed two and the others now live with us, still awaiting a permanent home.

Thank you to all of our supporters and a Happy New Year

Jon and Beth

Brinsley Animal Rescue

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