Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits

The dire situation with unwanted pets never seems to improve, there is a myth that we are a nation of animals lovers, unfortunately after running an animal sanctuary for almost 7 years now, we could can dispel that myth.

Every single day we receive calls to take on unwanted animals, the majority of which we simply have to turn away as we can only take in additional animals as create space by re-homing. Whilst too many people choose to buy their cute baby pets from breeders and pets shops, animal sanctuaries like ours, remain full and struggling to cope with limited funds.

We use to re-home over 100 rabbits a year, unfortunately thou with the current financial pressure on people and with the opening of a pet supermarket close buy, this figure has plummeted to a third of what it was. To compound the pressure, year on year the amount of calls we receive to take on more increases.

Our volunteers are driven by the welfare of every single animal we care for and take in, we are not driven by cost and profit. However we are a charity and can only survive on the generosity the time from our volunteers and the donations from the public.

All of our rabbits are health checked, vaccinated and neutered, we never re-home these highly sociable animals on their own and we always carry out home checks and provide advice. Pets shops sell rabbits without any vaccination (£40), let alone neutering (£50 – £70), they never home check and let people keep rabbits in tiny cages often without runs and on their own or even with guinea pigs, a far from idea partnership.

If you can possibly make a donation, no matter how small, every penny helps, please click on the link below, thank you.


These are some of the gorgeous rabbits we have that are looking for a life-long, loving home. Please get in touch if your can help.


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