The Honeymoon Couple are Re-Homed

Valentines day isn’t just for humans, it is also for those other intelligent creatures such as piggies.

You may remember that Woody, who was dumped into the street and found wandering around Mansfield Woodhouse last year, was re-homed. Well things didn’t quite work out and he came back, but not for long.

We have since bonded him with Jess, one of Primrose’s piglets. Bonding pigs isn’t for the inexperienced, it can be difficult, resulting in fights. However,  these were appropriately named the “honeymoon couple”, as they bonded straight away. Jess adorers Woody and follows his every move. On the first night together, she even made a nest for him to sleep in. Pigs often spend 10 minutes or so collecting straw to make a nice bed, they then bury their little wet snouts in the straw to keep them warm.

We do feel sad when we re-home animals that we have cared for, for so long, however we are very happy that they have gone to a new home and this has created space for other pigs to be rescued.

For their valentines day present, they we moved to their new home and had a cake each.

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