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Injured Fox – Now released

This beautiful vixen, last years cub, came to us a couple of months ago, she had been hit by a car. She had a head injury, however an x-ray didn’t show any further injuries. The patient was put onto a course of antibiotics and wormed.

Once recovered enough she went into our large fox enclosure to recuperate. At first her behaviour wasn’t right, she came out in the daytime and wasn’t frightened of us.

Over the weeks she improved, we believe that this behaviour was caused by neurological trauma. Now she sleeps during the daytime and hides from us, so it was time for her release.

Today she was moved to a soft release pen, this is small enclosure located at a release site, with a sleeping area, it is all covered in camouflage. She will be fed everyday, then after a week we’ll open a door and allow her to be free. We’ll continue to put food down for her, when she stops returning we can dismantle the soft release pen, then she free and on her own.

The average life expectancy of a fox is only 18 months, all too often they are killed by man, either by road traffic accidents, hunted, trapped, poisoned or shot. We have released her well away from horrible fox hunters and within a county park. Good luck our little foxy friend.

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