Brownie the Rabbit

Brownie, the wild rabbit we rescued a couple of months ago has made a full recovery. Unfortunately we had to give her a lot of physiotherapy on the leg that she kept dragging behind her and this has made her a very imprinted little rabbit.  For this reason she can never be released back into the wild so she will have to be paired up with a suitable male neutered rabbit and live here with us.  We weren’t sure that she would ever gain the use of her back leg.  Through dragging it, the leg became very sore and furless.  We worried that we may have to amputate the leg entirely.   X-rays (and a £115 vets bill) told us that it wasn’t broken so our vet suggested physiotherapy 3 times a day.  She now uses the leg to its full potential and ‘binkies’ (a rabbit jump) round the room like a grasshopper.brownie

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