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Tawny Owl

A week ago this tawny owl was admitted after being struck by a car. On examination we could not see any physical injuries, however they were in a sorry state. They were very lethargic with an injury to the right eye. We feared the worst however as there were no injuries or broken bones, we decided to give them 24 hours to improve. We put on anti-inflammatory pain relief, eye cream and being force fed as they would not eat.

Despite our fears, after a few days they started hand feeding and have become much brighter, even snapping their beak at us to warn us off!

They have a long way to go however it’s encouraging that they are improving. This week he’ll be admitted to our vets for a more thorough examination of the injured eyes. Unlike other birds of prey that need perfect eyesight to be able to survive in the wild, tawny’s are night feeders and rely heavily on their hearing to find prey, not so much thier eyes.

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