Breeding Like Rabbits!!

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The term ‘breeding like rabbits’ has a lot of truth! Sadly by the time many people have realised this it is far too late.  A female rabbit has the ability to become pregnant again straight after she has given birth.  The gestation of a rabbit is only approximately 30 days so perhaps you can see the problem that arises time and time again when rabbits are wrongly sexed. Rabbits are notoriously difficult to sex and many pet shops get it wrong.  More often than not that pet shop is PETS AT HOME.  We have had yet another call today of them WRONGLY SEXING RABBITS and the caller had ended up with not only an unwanted litter but a pregnant doe straight away.  If this pet shop can’t sex animals properly then they SHOULDN’T BE SELLING THEM! This is the second call this week where this chain store has wrongly sexed rabbits.  We thought after meeting with one of their directors things were improving but sadly not.  They still give terrible advice on neutering, diet and still sell living accommodation that is not fit for purpose.

We have a LOT of bunnies all needing good homes.  At Brinsley Animal Rescue we rehome our bunnies responsibly.  We neuter, vaccinate for myxi (there are wild rabbits with myximitosis around at the moment so ALL rabbits should be vaccinated against this dreadful disease as a matter of urgency). We also carry out home checks to make sure our bunnies are going to fabulous homes.

We do ask for minimum donations to try and cover our costs.

Female spayed and myxi vaccinated £60 each

Male neutered and myxi vaccinated £55 each

Pair or trio of  neutered and myxi vaccinated bunnies £75.

As you can see we offer a huge saving for adopters as neutering a male rabbit is approx £55 and spaying a female is approx £70.  Vaccinating is approx £15-£20.  We also give a huge saving for those adopting pairs of bunnies as so many of our already bonded beautiful pairs get overlooked.

We do have far more bunnies than feature on our website because each bunny has a minimum of 4 weeks here whilst they are neutered, vaccinated and some females that could potentially be pregnant have 30 days to wait so that we can make sure they aren’t pregnant.


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