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Greylag Goose Rescue

This week we took a number of calls from concerned members of the public regarding this Greylag Goose at @Attenbourgh Nature Reserve. It took several attempts to find him, going early in the morning before work and after. Finally on the third attempt one of our star volunteers caught him.The goose was really struggling to stand, let along walk, he was clearly in distress. We had him examined and X-Ray’d by the top team Eastwood Vets4Pets. The X-Rays showed that there was no obvious root causes for his injury, the X-Rays did show that he has an old injury where he’s been shot, the shot gun pellet is embedded into his leg and the bone has healed. This guy has survived being shot, we are not going to give up on him. The prognosis is that he has some form of neurological issue affecting his leg, so he’s on a course of anti inflammatories. In the short term he’s been on this, he has improved. Fingers crossed, lets hope we can release this war-torn little man in a few weeks time.

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