Casper is Rehomed

This weekend Casper went to his new home. We really miss this cheeky character already. Casper came in 3 years ago when we were told about a large prosecution case of over 100 ponies that urgently needed a home. We worked with other rescues but could only take in 2. We had to work with these 2 wild ponies, build up trust, teach them to put head collars on, teach them to lead, pick up their feet and allow us to touch them all over. We also had to geld, vaccinate and sort out first dentals. We do all of this before we deem them ‘up for adoption’ which can take a long time. Casper soon turned into a real gem and would usually be the one to follow volunteers round the field whilst poo picking and will happily stand for lots and lots of fuss……….a far cry from the wild little pony who had a very uncertain future 3 years ago.

Casper hasn’t gone far, he has a great home with stables, lots of space and above all some other equine friends. We couldn’t wish for better for him. Whilst we spent hours in his old field today at the rescue it was apparent that he has left a huge hole in our hearts.

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