Hoglet Rescue

These young hedgehogs or hoglets as they are known, were found wandering in the daytime.  Hedgehogs are nocturnal so a hog out in the daytime is usually a sign that something is wrong.

These two are weaned off their mother but are too small for this time of year. They need to be above 500 grams to survive hibernation, otherwise they will perish. It is likely that these two will have to be kept with us until the spring when we will release them.

We always try to release hogs where they were found, wherever there are hedgehogs there is food.


If you want to encourage hedgehogs into your garden then here are a few simple things you can do:

A log pile will create a great damp area where a hedgehog will be able to find food like slugs and beetles. 

Lots of ground coverage and plants will also be a great haven for a hedgehog to snuffle round in and find food.

Feeding hedgehogs – tinned cat and dog meat or Spikes Hedgehog food.   DO NOT feed a hedgehog bread and milk and DO NOT feed a hedgehog gravy based dog/cat food.

Leave water out for your hedgehog.  When we haven’t had any rain for a while many hedgehogs come to us completely dehydrated. Remember to leave it in a heavy bowl as hedgehogs are very good at tipping up bowls in search of tasty treats underneath.

Provide an area that hedgehogs might be able to nest or hibernate.  Hedgehogs retreat during the day and make themselves obscure by making a nest. You could buy a specially designed hedgehog hibernator from a fabulous local company! http://www.worm.co.uk/default.asp?mode=viewTree&nodeId=79&divId=middlenode79

By encouraging other types of wildlife to your garden you will increase your chances of encouraging a hedgehog.  If you exterminate and poison other creatures in your garden then the chances are you will also poison a hedgehog. Most poisons like metaldehyde (found in slug pellets) and warfarin (in rat and mouse poison) will also kill a hedgehog slowly and callously.

Hedgehogs are charming little creatures to have around your garden and do no end of pest control for you the way nature intended. 


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