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Sparrow Hawk

This male sparrow hawk has had a lucky escape thanks to the staff at the City Hospital, Nottinghamshire Fire Brigade and ourselves.

He was found hanging pretty much upside down in a tree, in fact he was glued to the leaves by the ousing sap, he tried but could not escape the sticky leaves. We received the call but explained that we could not rescue at height and suggested contacting the non-emergency number for the fire brigade, thankfully the team came out and released him.

He was in a state, his feathers all glued together with leaves still stuck to him, we carefully removed them without being injured by his sharp beak and talons and without causing further damage to the feathers.

He was in a very sorry state and not eating. He’s now been washed, rinsed and dried off, the sap has been removed and he’s looking so much better, he’s even started eating.

Once an aviary is free he will be transferred so that he can preen himself to restore the feathers and waterproof them. he’s one very lucky boy.

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