Gerbils Rehomed 9 December 08

There are quite a few gerbils that need good homes.  Somgerbseone had been breeding these poor animals out of control and the result has been hundreds of unwanted little gerbils.  Many of these gerbils have now been dispersed to quite a few rescue centres throughout the U.K to ease the burden. (We are part of an amazing network of sanctuaries who pull together in moments of crisis!) We have groups of males needing homes.  These 3 brothers in the photo are ‘Cinnamon Gerbils’ and are real characters.  Gerbils need enriched cages and plenty to do.  You can build ‘gerbilariums’ out of fish tanks filled with compost – this will encourage the gerbils to tunnel and make underground nests. They are amazing creatures who need a fresh start and good homes. Can you offer some gerbils a home for life?

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