It has been a busy week (as usual) with many calls for animals including wildlife. Unfortunately we are not always able to respond to large animal rescues, we do though offer advice and signpost.

This week calls have included providing advice to vets, the fire brigade and the Police on several occasions.

We receive many requests for larger animal rescues which include farm animals, foxes, swans, badgers and deer. We do as much as we can and often that’s advice, we have a very limited number of volunteers who have the time, the right vehicles, specialist equipment and confidence with handling distressed animals.

We took 3 calls on Friday alone just for downed swans, over the weekend several foxes, a deer in an RTA and a horse in a sinkhole!

This swan is one of the successes. He landed heavily on a road and was causing a hazard to road users, we removed him from harm’s way, admitted him into our hospital and assessed him. Thankfully he was a little grazed but otherwise in good shape, not even any external or internal parasites so on Sunday, he was released.

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