Boris’s Birthday

7 Years ago to day, 5 July 2008, a handsome South Devonshire Bull was born. The bull was born blind and not wanted by the farmer, that’s when Boris was rescued by us. We have never looked back and he is loved by all, he is such a sociable, loving, cuddly 1,500 Kg bear.

People say “awe” when they hear that he is blind, but don’t feel sorry for his blindness, this has saved his life, very few cows reach the age of 2, let along 7.

Boris is doing well, although has a very rough time of late. He now has laminitus, which is rare in cattle, mainly because most don’t live past 2 and don’t develop the condition. Laminitus causes painful hooves, this is not good with such a huge and heavy body to support.

Over the past 8 weeks or so Boris really hasn’t been well, however after load of treatment and love, he is much better and happier now, happy enough to celebrate his 7th birthday. for us, we’ll go out tonight for a pint or two of Blind Boris, the beer brewed and named after our famous bull.

Happy birthday Boris.


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