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Swan Rescued and Released

The weather iscertainly having its toll on wildlife. If you can put out food for wild animals to help them through this cold snap, it could be the difference between life and death.

We have taken in dozens of calls today, we can’t rescue everything but we do what we can. Today we have rescued a swan, a pigeon, a seagull and given advice on several other birds and a bat.

One of our volunteers found this young swan who was in the middle of the Awsworth bypass, cars managed to avoid him but he was clearly in distress.

A night of warmth and food, he was fighting fit today. After an examination we decided to release him. Wild animals become distressed in captivity, so its always a balancing act, getting them back in the wild as soon as we feel thy can cope.

The pigeon and seagull are still with us being cared for.

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