Swan Rescue

We have been dealing with a few swans of late, 5 in the past 2 weeks with 3 still in our care.On Sunday evening we went out to rescue this large male, so large he’s doesn’t even fit our swan bag and so we have improvised using blankets to wrap around him to safety contain during transit. As you can see he was in a road, he was very lethargic and a long way from home.There was no obvious signs of injury or illness, although he picked up after fluid therapy, he was far from a happy boy so off he went to the vets for an X-ray.You can see here that there is a metal object, possibly a piece of wire in his gut. This will be far to risky to remove, we are hopefully that it will pass. We really hope this guy pulls through, Swans mate for life and his partner is pining for him.

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