Meet Maisy Moo

Meet Maisy the new addition to our cow herd who arrived this morning. Maisy is 8 and a very lucky girl, very, very few beef cows ever reach 2 let alone almost 9. Maisy met two of our boys Herbie and Billy today shortly after she arrived, we think they are all in love!

Maisy, like all cows that have been treated with compassion, is very friendly and loves a good fuss, today she had her fair share as she got to know her new paddock and the boys.

Maisy has never lived with another cow, so we were a little nervous introducing them, but they soon got on, it’s as though they have always been together.

Can you please help us pay for Maisy’s upkeep? We never euthanase a healthy animal, we always aim find life-long loving homes, where we don’t we offer permanent sanctuary for the rest of their natural life.

Maisy is likely to live another 10 years, could you offer a regular donation to help us keep her in a life of bliss? Maybe you could offer a one off donation to help us? The charity needs to raise £1,000 every single week, we can’t do this compassionate work without your generosity.

£5 will feed Maisy for one day in hay, £10 will pay for one weeks bedding, £200 will allow us to get her overgrown hooves trimmed. Please help Maisy and consider a donation, please click on the link below to donate to our Registered Charity;


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