Gorgeous George rehomed

Gorgeous George is one of the first wild Dartmoor ponies we rescued, he went to a great home a few years ago and has grown a lot!  Sadly he was returned to us a few weeks ago.  during his time he was backed and has turned into a very handsome young boy.

It didn’t take long though for this gorgeous boy to find another loving home but over the past few weeks we have made sure he is good and ready for a new home.  That has meant we got his vaccinations upto date, got his hooves trimmed and made sure he is good with a farrier and strangers and got his teeth checked out.  After a dental it was decided that his top teeth needed some power tools to take off a big step. Of course as a responsible rescue we got that sorted before he went to his fab new home.  He is  now living with the lovely Mr Carrots and friends!
Geroge2 George dentalnt new life for him.

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