Sociable Rabbits

Meet Fergus and Alice, they are deeply in love and are completely inseparable.

Alice was rescued by a member of the public, who found her wrapped in a bin liner, thrown away, just like a piece of rubbish, Fergus’s story isn’t much better.

Fergus came in with two other rabbits, each were infected with E. cuniculi. As the owners had failed to treat the rabbits for this deadly parasite, they all had the common symptoms including head tilt and also for Fergus, blindness.

Neither Alice or Fergus would be easily rehomed, and so we bonded them and now they will live out the rest of their natural lives happy as can be, at the sanctuary with us, in our home.

You can see from this picture just how bonded and in love they are. They are always cleaning each other, and when Fergus gets lost due to his blindness, he panics and Alice runs up to him with reassurance and a loving nussle, then lead him back to their love nest.

Rabbits should never be kept on their own, they are highly sociable creatures, this couple shows just how happy they can be together with their own kind and not left in a hutch, unattended on their own, as so many rabbits are.

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