Lady Marmalade Rescued – (update – now rehomed)

We don’t take in cats as we have enough on our plates rescuing everything else but this little lady needed urgent help and was living rough a few streets away. She was covered from neck to tail in thick matted fur and had terrible diarrhoea.

She is such a gentle soul and we imagine that once she was a proper ‘Queen Bee’. Today she has been wormed and we whisked her to the vets this morning for a combi test and further clipping. We guestimate her to be about 8 years old and we are hoping that we can restore her to a beautiful looking long haired cat again.

She has undergone a lot in 24 hours already and hasn’t shown any aggression at all. Think we are going to call her Lady Beatrice. When she is fit and well and has put on some weight she will be looking for a new home.

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