Piggies get their New Home

We have some very good news about the piglets were rescued in April, but also have some very sad news.

The two boars went to the vets to be castrated, unfortunately one was found to have a very large hernia, whilst he was not suffering, the hernia was not operable and he would suffer within a short time as he grew. We therefore had to make the very upsetting and sad decision to do the best for him, and let him go whilst he was under the anaesthetic, he now rests in peace.

Whilst this is devastating news for us, we have to remember that the piglets were dumped in a bucket shortly after birth and if it wasn’t for us, they would have all died, no other sanctuary had the space to take these poor babies on, let alone hand rear them.

The great news though is that the remaining three have been re-homed together and have gone to a great home, where we know that they’ll be fussed and carried for, for the rest of their natural life.

They are currently living in a barn with lots of space and toys and will be moved to a large field when they are large enough. A happy ending.





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