Ronnie gets Re-Homed

Posted by Jon in News, Rehomed on Friday 25/03/2016 22:15 +01:00.

Today Ronnie ent to his new home. We rescued Ronnie back in November last year, he was a stray pig, he followed a guy home whilst out walking his dog.

Ronnie was entire and very nervous, over the weeks we have been working with him to help him gain his confidence. He was castrated 3 weeks ago and so now ready to go to his new home.

Ronnie now lives with three other pigs, two also rehomed from us, as well as ducks, geese and goats. Lovely Ronnie now has loads of space to enjoy himself and keep him occupied.

Ronnie didn’t take long to explore his new home, meet the characters he now lives with and he even started to dig himself a wallow!

Sadly we don’t rehome too many pigs, in 2016 we have taken in 2, rehomed only Ronnie but very sadly had to turn away 59 allready. Why do people buy their pets from breeders when rescue centres are bursting!

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