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Epic Hedgehog Rescue

We don’t go out to rescue trapped animals, with working full time whilst running the sanctuary, we struggle to cope with that let alone going out rescuing even more creatures. Today though we could not say no when a couple turned up telling us about a hedgehog, that had been trapped for at least two days in a pipe.

This poor guy had fallen down a 10cm open pipe and in his struggle to get out, had become completely trapped between two water pipes and the outer pipe section.

When we arrived, we could touch the hog, we could see he was still alive but he was completely stuck, we couldn’t get him out as he was without hurting him, which we had to avoid. Over the next three hours we slowly cut away the pipe and dug down around it, to give him more space and free him off.

In the end, we called the fire brigade to see if they could help. Thankfully after a bit of persuasion they sent a team that had small hacksaws and a dedication, they were as keen as we were to rescue the poor chap.

Finally after over three hours, he was free and Broxtowe Borough Council had turned up to fill the hole and make it safe. We took the guy back and put him in an incubator to warm up.

He is now doing well, he has eaten thankfully and looking much happier than he did, he is still very mucky though and needs treating for ringworm. He has gone through such an ordeal, we hope he will survive, so far so good.



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