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Baby Tawny Owl

This beautiful tawny owl chick came to us three weeks ago. She was found at the base of a tree and was on the brink of death.

She could not even stand, she was very weak and dehydrated. We started by warming her up in an incubator, then after a few hours and warm, we had to force feed her. We didn’t expect her to survive the night, but we were amazed to see her beady eyes watching us the next day.

Over the next few days she grew stronger and stronger, taking food off us readily. She now rips up her prey, eating everything including bones and feathers. Unlike other meat eating birds, birds of prey cannot be fed cat or dog meat, they require feathers and bones in their diet. We buy frozen day old cockerels, the waste bi-product of the egg industry, its not nice but in this case their is no alternative.



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