Chinchilla on the mend

We have to deal with unwanted pets coming to us on an almost daily basis.  We can only cope with so many and so it is very  hard  for us when we have to say no, far too often.

These pets are given up for many reasons, some genuine but increasingly many more are given up because the pets were bought on a whim.

Far too often the owners have become bored and have tossed their pet out, because they want a different pet or because their pet is ill and they aren’t in a position to get the animal treated or would rather spend their money on something else. Sadly it is a sign of the times that we live in a throw away society and for some, pets are an extension of this trend.

This poor chap came in in a group of four,  he should weigh about a one kilo, but at 320 grams he was desperately ill and in urgent need of treatment to save his life. For the past week we have been syringe feeding him to build up his weight. He cannot eat himself due to the excessive pain,  his teeth are in such poor condition, ulcers in his mouth have made it too painful for him to eat.  He was literally on deaths door.

A week on and he has successfully put on 150 grams and today underwent an operation on his teeth. This little chap is a real fighter, his prospects are now looking good but we are still having to syringe feed him and he has to come with us wherever we go so that he can have the attention that he needs.  He is still very, very week but is trying to eat soft food on his own. It is work like this that is so draining, not only on our emotions but also on our finances. We are giving this little chap everything so that he pulls through.

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