2013 – 1240 Animals Rescued

Since Brinsley Animal Rescue formed 6 years ago, each year we have steadily grown, this continued in 2013 with 1240 pets, farm animals and wild animals rescued by the Charity.

We would like to thank all of our hard working volunteers and supporters, without which, these animals could not have been rescued. The Charity is run on good will and hard work, so thank you everyone who has contributed to a successful 2013.


In 2013 we rescued;

  • 51 Pets
  • 269 Wild Animals
  • 920 Farm Animals

Unwanted Pets

The situation with unwanted pets is dire and continues to increase year on year. As we have limited resources of time, space and money, we are only able to take in animals, as the resources are released by rehoming.

Unfortunately too many people buy their pets from breeders and pets shops, then call us when they change their mind or their circumstance change. But we cannot compromise the animals in our care by taking in too many.

In 2013 we had to turn away 532 animals, including 134 rabbits, and 95 pigs.

Year in Review


We took in a very, very cute one week old piglet who should have been left with his mum and therefore was very weak. We became very attached to Walter, after bottle feeding him for weeks and through the night, to help get his strength up. This not so tiny boy has now been rehomed. Initially Walter loved indoors too much, his favorite trick was to grab the dog bed and move it in front of the fire, then sleep in it, all warm and cosy. He has now accepted he needs to live outside and now lives with two other pigs.



We rescued 250 ex-commercial egg laying hens, these were part of 700 we rescued during the year. Although hens can live for several years, they reach the end of their commercial life at only 18 months, then normally sent for slaughter, to become cheap chickens processed food or pet food. We rescue as many as we can and find them permanent and lifelong homes.



We took in mum (Primrose) and her six surviving piglets, which were rescued from horrible conditions that no animal should endure. Before being given up, Primrose gave birth to seven piglets on a concrete path in a back yard, with no bedding, no shelter and was fed on nothing but potato peelings.

We have only rehomed three pigs during 2013 and had to turn away 95 due to a  lack of space. Primrose and her four young are still living  with us and looking for permanent homes.



Spring and early Summer becomes manic with loads of orphaned animals that need to be hand reared. These include fox cubs, hedgehogs and birds of all kind. Its not easy hand rearing dozens of animals, whilst also working for a living.

In 2013 we took in 296 wild animals.



Each year, the number of abandoned pets increases. We were contacted by Nottingham Trading Standards about two goats that had been found dumped in some woods, their ears tags had been ripped out to prevent the owner being identified. Both goats had health issues and were taken to the emergency vets.

Unfortunately, whilst Angel (White) survived a massive abscess, Gabriel (B&W) had Tetanus and despite hard work on our part, he passed away.



We cannot operate without funds, the more funds we receive the more we can help animals.

In December we held the second of our two Open Days which we hold each year, to raise vital funds and allow the public to see the great work we do.

We receive no Government funding whatsoever, every single penny is raised by our volunteers by various fundraising events, or is donated directly from kind members of the public.

As we are run solely by volunteers and the use of 22 acres of land, buildings, stables, vehicles and services are all donated by the owners to the Charity free of charge. Therefore each pound donated or raised, goes a long way, it is not absorbed by salaries and administration fees.

If you would like to consider supporting the Charity financially, either as a one off donation or regularly, please see further details on our website. See the link below;





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