Meet Juno, Penny, Celeste and Annie

Meet Juno, Penny, Celeste and Annie. Over recent weeks our equine population has mushroomed!.

We now have 17 ponies residing in our fields and many more in foster care. When the answer machine message came through these 4 were destined for slaughter.

They have all had foals in the past and have been relatively unhandled even though they are 8yrs+. They are Dartmoor ponies and we knew when these came in we were taking on a MASSIVE project. ‘Team equine’ have been workingwith these lovely ladies and teaching them a lot. Through connective, clicker training we are teaching them how to be led, how to pick up hooves, that it is okay to have a head collar on (and off again). Juno has even been out on the roads already and is leading the herd in terms of her learning.

17 Equines are making a massive hole in our hay and resources. Before long we will have to be buying in more hay and paying for yet more dentals and vaccinations. Please feel free to donate financially with whatever you can!



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