The Sanctuary Remembers two Beautiful Pigs

Its very sombre at the Sanctuary, we have had to say goodbye to two long term members of the rescued pig family.

Wally and Wilbur came with their sister Wendy some 7 years ago, their mother Matilda was rescued from a factory farm by Freshfeilds Animal Rescue in Liverpool, Matilda subsequently gave birth to 6 piglets, as she had already been impregnated at the farm. We took on Wendy, Wilbur and Wally, they would not have to go for slaughter for bacon, Wendy would not have to spend her life caged into a farrowing crate being bred again and again, having her babies taken away and fattened up.

Pigs bred for meat are like all farm animals, they don’t exist naturally, they are selectively bred for a purpose, with meat pigs that purpose is to grow quickly and large to produce cheap food. Unfortunately this selective breeding is to the detriment of their health, they grow too large and their bodies can’t sustain their own weight.

Wally and Wilbur were beginning to struggle with arthritis and we decided, we should end their lives on their terms and not let them suffer. In Spring we all agreed to let them have a final Summer together as a family, we would let them go to to the other piggy heaven before the winter, when their problems are exasperated by the cold and damp.

These two boys, like all of our pigs had a great life, they had plenty of room, had a mud bath and toys and fed fresh fruit and vegetables everyday.

Although a very, very sad day and I have tears rolling down my face as I type this post, we know we have given them a fantastic life where they have been loved and have never witnessed factory farmed life, where these highly intelligent beings are treated with utter contempt during their very short lives.

Rest in peace Wally and Wilbur, we really, really miss you.



Wilbur1 "Wilbur" wilbur1

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