Meet Rudy, Speedy and Gracie

Last week was devastating for us, losing two of our beautiful older cows in only a few days. We cannot possibly replace Herbie and Maisy, however this loss does create space to allow us to rescue more.

Yesterday we took delivery of Rudy, Speedy and Gracie, these beautiful calves are now saved to live their life to the full, to grow old together. Through our rescue network, we were contacted about a beef farm where the farmer was retirng and seeking permanent homes for these three beautiful soles and not only were they donated, the farmer brought them to us.

They are settling in, Gracie in particular will take time as she is blind, also she has only recently been separated from her mum after weaning, mum is mow in calf again.

You may remember the lovely Blind Boris who we miss terribly, so we have experience with blind cattle, Gracie is our new project.

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