Minty Gets a Home for Christmas

We have had a really productive week in terms of re-homing with lots of bunnies going to new homes and last Sunday Minty the pony found a perfect forever home with a new friend.

Minty had been with us for nearly 2 years as a nervous little pony whose previous owner was prosecuted. It took quite a long time to gain trust of humans as he was always in the shadow of a more confident friend called Casper! With lots of late night work and walking round the yard and handling we eventually gained his trust.

We are really pleased that he found such a lovely home with a really great family. His main friend at his new home is a beautiful mare but there are lots of other equines, goats and animals to keep him company.

In many ways we are sad when little characters that have been with us a while find homes but it means that we can go on to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more. By rehoming where we can it makes us more effective in helping needy animals and there are thousands of equines needing help with not enough homes available.

If anyone is looking for a pony then we have plenty more desperate for their forever homes.

minty4 minty minty1 minty2 minty3

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