Why not Donate Food for the Animals this Christmas?

Why Not Donate Feed Bill this Christmas?

At this time of year, our bills escalate as the animals eat more hard feed which we have to buy in at great expense, also we get through tonnes of hay and straw putting a huge strain on the Charities purse.

Have you considered helping the animals this Christmas? You can help the rescued animals by donating towards our running costs, by simply buying animal feed or bedding.

You can simply donate as little as £4 to buy a bale of hay or much more, maybe £60 for a week’s worth of pig feed?

Simply click on the items below to go to a secure payment site, where you can choose what you want to buy our animals this Christmas.

Happy Christmas


Copy of A&P Chicken
£12 Chicken feed – we use 4 every that’s £48 every week

£13 – Rabbit Food we use 2 every week that’s £26 a week 

£14 – guinea Pig food we use 1 every 2 weeks
A&P goat
£14 – Goat feed we use 1 every 2 weeks
A&P Corn
£14 Corn – we use 1 sack every week


£12 pig feed – we use 5 every week, that’s £60 every week


£4 Straw Bail – we get through 8 every day
£5 Hay – we use 10 every day, that’s £50 a day, £350 every week



Wood chip
£7 shavings – we use 4 every week, that’s £28 every week

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