Daisy the duck released

This poor duck has been in the wars but she is pulling through.  Firstly she had human hair wrapped around her ankle, this had got so tight that it had cut through the skin and her foot had almost become detached.  She was found in the city centre and as if this injury was not enough in itself she then flew into the front of a National Express bus. Fortunately the foot was not infected, so we cleaned her up, gave her antibiotics and splinted her leg hoping that the bone may fuse.

After a  few days it was obvious that it would not heal and so after finding out about other 1 legged ducks in the country the decision was made to amputate the foot.  Daisy is now recovering from her ordeal. Once the bandages are removed we will have to help her to swim and walk again.  We can’t believe what a recovery Daisy has made and we will continue to monitor her progress.

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Update 16 August

Today we are happy that her foot has healed enough, so we gave Daisy some hydrotherapy in out bath and boy did she like it. she spent a lot of time splashing around washing herself. We were always worried that she would not be able to swim properly with one foot, however now we have loads of confidence in her. After a week of therapy we hope we can release her.

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Update 18 August

Daisy has finally been released, she is back in the wild where she belongs. Hopefully she will find a pond not too far from humans who may take kindly to her having one foot and give her extra treats.


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