Derek Trotters Arrives

As soon as the three boys move to their new home, Derek Trotters arrives.

Derek is a young male and so has a lot of energy and growing to do. He’s very sweet, we couldn’t let him live on his own and we have the perfect match. Betty has been with us for exactly a year now, they are of similar ages and so for her anniversary she met her man and they have moved in together.

Bonding pigs isn’t easy, it is a slow process. Derek and Betty have gone past the fighting stage to see who is boss, now it’s the, I’ll keep my distance stage. Over time they will get to know and trust each other and before long, they will be inseparable.

This lovely pair are looking for a permanent home, as are Matilda and Gertrude, Kiwi and Buddy and yet another pair of pigs arriving this weekend. As soon as we create space, there’s a queue waiting to fill it.

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