Rescue Stray Pig

Meet Colin, a rescued stray pig.
Unfortunately we get inundated with calls to take on unwanted pets, pigs are no exception to this, sadly we have to many away away every week, we can only take them more in when we have space, space created when people rehome rescued animals that we have.
This chap is probably an unwanted pig, the previous owners no doubt could not find a rescue with space to take him in. We also take many calls to see if we can capture and take in stray pigs. Colin is lucky, we have agreed to take him in. He is very young, he’s a little timid but this is to be expected after his ordeal, chucked out in the wild to fend for himself, as you can see though he is very playful.
He now needs to be castrated and then we can look for a perfect life-long home for him with another pig friend.IMG_1731

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