Stevie Homed

When we first set up our charity and started taking in animals we were not prepared for the shear number of animals and pets that needed help. We decided in those early days that if we could find good homes for the animals we took in then we would be able to help more. So when the perfect home for ‘Stevie’ our older Golden Guernsey boy who had just lost his lifelong female friend we decided to take him on a road trip to meet some new girls in the form of ‘Ribbon’ and ‘Hazel’. We have just taken him to his lovely home with his new friends and he is already being spoilt rotten. We can’t thank his new owners enough who also fed and watered us as well as the couple from ‘The Bramblings’ who made us so welcome. We know that Stevie has landed on his hooves with his new friends and new home. Although Stevie now lives in Devon we knew that the distance for a good home was no object and the offer of good homes has taken us all over the country but we know it’s always worth it because our animals deserve it. This also means that less people will go to breeders so in essence getting animals from rescue centres rescues 2 animals because it leaves room for us to rescue more

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