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Fox Rescue

We rescued this young vixen yesterday after reports that she was in a poor state, struggling with walking on 3 legs and only slowly moving. Even a very ill or injured fox can be extremely hard to catch, thankfully with her we had some time to attempt a rescue and with the help of a walled garden and two members of the public, we flushed her out and caught her!

She has multiple issues, not least 4 injuries to the legs and body, it looks like she has been involved in an RTA and come into contact with the road surface. Thankfully the wounds are relatively fresh and not infected. She has tics, fleas, is very thin and was very dehydrated, so it was an emergency admission to our vets.

The wounds have been cleaned and treated, she is receiving pain relief, antibiotics, fluids and electrolytes. Tomorrow she is back at our vets where we’ll decide if she is strong enough for continued treatment, including blood tests and surgery on her worst wound, a leg injury.

It’s very much in the balance at the moment, at the very least we know she is warm, has food and water and treatment for her pain, we can only hope now.

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