Jasmine’s Treatment

Can you donate to help us pay for Jasmine’s expensive treatment that has saved her life?

Jasmine has been living rough on an industrial estate for at least 4 years, being fed by workers, due to her deteriorating condition she was caught and taken to a local vets who gave her an assessment and pain relief before contacting us for help. Jasmine has skin cancer to both ears and her nose, caused by exposure to the sun, a risk that white cats are prone to. The tissue was degrading and she was bleeding from both ears and her nose, no doubt she was in a lot of discomfort and pain.

We admitted her to our vets for a full assessment and treatment this week, this included surgery to remove the cancerous tissue to both ears and her nose. Now with the weeping tissue removed and on pain relief, she is settling and enjoying the fuss. She is now purring and coming to us for a fuss.

She will need a lot more treatment and time to fully recover, all of this is expensive veterinary treatment but she is worth it. Despite being 15 she is in good health and the outcome is favourable. She is microchipped so we know her age, unfortunately the details registered to the chip have not been kept up to date.

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